Friday, 31 January 2014

Friday On My Mind ...

Another Friday - phew!

I've been wrestling with a dose of manflu* this week.  

It landed with a vengeance on Tuesday morning - just in time to mess with the +Fox Force 5 rehearsal on Tuesday night.  I got through it as best I could, it was cold and wet and I was grumpy ... not helped by the fact that every time I bent over I had to fight the urge to blow chunks!

Still, I'm telling myself I've got the infection on it's back foot.  I've been eating echinacea tablets like they're candy and popping Beecham tablets whenever they're off cooldown.  I'm quietly confident that I'll be feeling better by tomorrow's gig at Yalding club!

Speaking of which ...
At last Saturday's gig, the LED lighting bar I bought for the kit (but never used it for) gave-up the ghost during the soundcheck.  We'll get Mister T to take a look at it when he's back from his travels (San Francisco?) and it might be salvageable - but in the meantime we're a chunk of light down and we were never in a good place to start with.

So partly cos I was ill and needing retail therapy, partly cos we needed more lights anyway, and partly to show off my (gorgeous) kit, I put my hand in my pocket (well, on my credit card at least) and bought a new unit to 'exclusively' light the kit.  It's only a lil guy, but hopefully will be sufficient for these smaller venues.  I know the band still needs more up front but ... well I can't fix everything :-/

* = manflu - it's a real thing, oh yes!